December 20, 2015

We Could Be Mechanics

Christmas break can get a little boring after a while. The days we don’t have games, we usually just practice and then sit in the hotel. So you can imagine the excitement some of the team and I had when we discovered that I was locked out of my car with no keys…

To give you the background details, I usually just lock my keys in my car and use the keypad on the door to unlock it. So I walked out to my car after practice and as I pressed the keypad, I realized it wasn’t working and I was in trouble.

So what does any 20 year old in trouble do? I panicked and called my mom, (because of course she could help me from a thousand miles away). Just as I was realizing that she was no help over the phone, some of the team walked out to rescue me.

Brittany, Alexa, Marta, Kailee, and I: I figured we were the perfect team to break into a car. So after trying to come up with a plan, we realized that I left a light on, which killed my battery (thus, the keypad wouldn’t work to unlock the door). All we needed to do was jump the car. Simple right? Wrong. We couldn’t pop the hood because that would require pulling a lever that was in the car. So we had to get creative. We looked up Youtube videos, found makeshift tools in Kailee’s car to use, and it looked like we were getting close to popping the hood. You would’ve thought we were true mechanics.

So what started as an unfortunate event was just another teaching experience. It was a reminder to double check my lights before I get out of the car. I learned that if basketball and school doesn’t work out for us, we can open up our own shop. And I was reminded of how lucky I am that each person on this team has my back on and off the court.

After all of this and about 20 minutes I was in my car and driving away, feeling thankful for my teammates. And feeling thankful for AAA. (Because we called them pretty much right away).

— Kaylee Johnson

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