December 23, 2013

We've got the goodies!!

Muffins, rolls, and bread galore!
We bake, and bake, and bake some more!

In the midst of all our practices, games, and the immense amount of schoolwork that we do, we take the time to bake a few goodies every now and then. It’s always a collective effort, but Sara James or Mikaela usually organize our baking adventures.

Everybody has a go-to goodie though. Briana goes for chocolate chip cookies. Lili and Taylor are fans of cinnamon rolls. Karlie goes for brownies, and Bonnie is partial to Oreo balls or Pizookie.

But our go-to treat is monkey bread. Oh, how we make the best monkey bread. Alex absolutely loves monkey bread! She’ll do anything for it. She’ll even emerge from her mountain of homework to partake in some monkey bread, and it’s hard to get her from under that mountain. We’d take on any moms out there in a monkey bread contest, and I think we’d win.

Our team may definitely have the Pillsbury doughboy beat when it comes to making a cinnamon roll or any baked good that’ll make your head spin and your heart drop.


December 18, 2013

A Christmas poem

It is almost Christmas time and with my teammates I am baking,
Cookies, bread, and caramels, we are making,
This morning, at Saint Anthonys, we served lots and lots of food,
Outside, it is way too cold to even think about being nude,

On this Christmas break we are free of all school,
This weekend, we play Tennessee, and it will be so cool,
We have the greatest team, always together, so close,
Our football team is now going to the big bowl of the rose!

I am so happy to be a part of this team,
Coming to Stanford and playing ball, has always been my dream,
I have the greatest of friends, Sej in particular,
I love school and basketball, not many extracurriculars,

It’s been such a great experience being a Stanford cardinal,
This week has been better than last, not even one final,
Soon we will all be home with the fam,
Opening presents, gathering round, and having pieces of ham,

Thank you for all your support, it has meant a lot,
I love this team so much, even more than I thought.