December 18, 2015

A Cardinal Chistmas

As the holidays are approaching, between traveling, practices, and games, it can be hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

This year though, our team started a new tradition by doing Secret Santas. For those of you who don’t know what that is, everyone secretly draws a teammate's name out of hat and on the 21st everyone is going to give their gift to the person they have. We made a rule that you can ask one other teammate for help in finding a gift but that is it. Everyone is so excited to see what is in store; not only wondering what gift they are going to get but who it is from as well.

To prepare for all the gifts that are coming, Kailee Johnson even went out and bought a little mini Christmas tree to put the presents under in the locker room. Then Bird (Erica McCall) had her Mom bring up Christmas ornaments from home to decorate the tree with. They are even cardinal red and white to match our school colors! Its like our own little celebration. On top of that, most days we will listen to Christmas music in the locker room at some point.

Overall it is a total team effort to get ourselves into the holiday spirit and I wouldn’t want to spend the holiday celebrating any other way!

Brittany McPhee

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