December 10, 2008

December 1, 2008

Aloha from Hawaii!

I am writing to you as we are unfortunately getting ready to depart from the beautiful island of Honolulu, where we just got to spend the last five days! While we did travel to Baylor a couple of weekends ago, this was our first long trip as a team, and my first Thanksgiving away from home. I would say that if you can’t be at home with your family, then Hawaii is definitely the next best option, in fact some might argue it’s an even better option.

I think this trip was great for our team chemistry. As a freshman, it is so nice whenever we get a chance to get to know our teammates better, whether on the court or off and so it was great to be able to travel over a break where we had a little more time to do that. We got to spend some time together soaking in the scenery and enjoying things like the beach and the pool, but most importantly we came together and won three great basketball games. Playing three games in a row can be pretty difficult, but everyone stepped up and helped the team in little ways to make our wins against Purdue, Iowa State, and the University of Hawaii real collective efforts.

Overall, it was an awesome experience to have, and I can’t wait to carry over our success to our next road trip so we can continue our winning streak against the Blue Devils, the Gamecocks, and of course, the Lady Volunteers. We are going to be working very hard over the next two weeks and I know we’ll be ready!!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and GO CARD!

Grace Mashore