February 12, 2015

Trip to Arizona

This past weekend we made a trip to sunny Arizona to play Arizona State University and University of Arizona. Despite the fact it is in the middle of the winter, the temperature down here was in the 80’s! On the other hand, my home in New Jersey is experiencing temperatures below freezing and the area is under a foot of snow.

One of my favorite parts about traveling with the team is that I get the opportunity to visit places I have never been before. Being from the East coast, I rarely traveled to the other side of the country. This would mark my second time being in the American southwest, New Mexico being the first.

During this trip, I was very happy to see some of my family whom I have not been able to see since they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Erica Payne and Bird also had support at the games from their families and friends. I am very thankful to have family that supports me in my endeavors wherever they take me in the United States.

Now that it is February, we are headed into the end of our regular Pac12 season and are approaching the tournament. It is amazing to think that I am more than half way done with my first season as a member of this team.

I never thought that I could love playing with a group of girls more than I do now. We have been working very hard everyday to get better, and off the court we have become best friends. Playing with my teammates has been a lot of fun this year and I am excited for what waits in the future. Lets Go Card!

— Taylor Rooks

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