February 27, 2015

Drowsy Driving

Hi Fans!

I am sure that many of you think that the schoolwork that we do at Stanford is very complex and difficult given Stanford’s reputation as an academic institute. Well, you would not be wrong. Much of the schoolwork and projects that my teammates and I have to work on are time consuming and difficult.

However, every once in awhile we get the chance to do a project that is a little more on the fun side. Well, recently for our Sleep and Dreams class, Bonnie and I had the chance to film a short video that is meant to teach people about the prevalent issue of Drowsy Driving.

As you know, Bonnie and I can get a little goofy when placed together in front of a camera so we definitely had fun with this one. Even still, we think it is an issue worth sharing with everyone in the hopes that people are more aware about how dangerous it is to drive while drowsy.

So, if you fans are ever so inclined to learn a little bit about Drowsy Driving or just want to see Bonnie and I make fools of ourselves, feel free to check out the video.

Go Card!!
— Erica

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