February 3, 2016

Translation from the Australian

My commitment to Stanford University meant not only leaving everything I knew and the safety of home behind me in Australia, but also having to adjust my use of language.

Some people say Australian’s have their own language and on arriving in the USA in September last year I came to realize that this is somewhat true.

On my first day in Palo Alto I made my way to Target in search for some bedding. I proceeded to ask a store employee where the “doonas” were located. The look I got from the employee was a mixture of confusion and concern. I had to explain that a “doona” was a blanket used to keep you warm at night.

I have experienced countless more instances similar to this one, where no one seems to understand what I am saying. In an effort to help people understand some of the Australian language I have come up with some rough translations.

Doona – blanket used to keep you warm at night
Vegemite – delicious condiment that is commonly spread on toast with butter
Mate – a friend, more than an acquaintance
Barbie – Barbeque
Bikkie – Tasty biscuit
Bloke – man, guy
Brekkie – Breakfast
Crook – sick, unwell
Daks – pants, clothing worn on the bottom half of the body
Dunny – lavatory
Lollies – candy but not chocolate
Corkey – deep bruise, Charlie horse
Maccas – MacDonald’s
Spewin’ – angry or extremely disappointed

— Alanna

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  1. Mikaela and Joslyn probably had initial reverse reactions in Australia. LOL