February 15, 2016

Cardinal Strengths

A few weeks ago, after one of our practices, Bird mentioned the idea of a super player who had all of my teammates’ strengths. She would have:

Karlie’s shooting,
Lili’s clutchness,
Shannon’s post moves,
Bird’s shot blocking,
Kailee’s basketball IQ,
Kiran’s versatility,
Tess’s strength,
Bri’s ball-handling,
Marta’s passing,
Kaylee’s rebounding,
Brittany’s ability to get to the basket,
Alexa’s speed,
Alanna’s finishing around the rim

I thought about how crazy it would be to play against someone like this because they would be virtually impossible to beat. But then something struck me. I realized that our team can be just like the super player. If we maximize on everyone’s strengths, this team can be unstoppable.

However if one strength is lost the capability of the team declines. From seniors to freshman, in order to succeed everyone is needed. As we approach the last third of our season it will be fun to see how we will organize these strengths.

It may take a little while to see the full potential, but once we figure it out I have no doubt in my mind that this team will be stronger than ever.

-- Alex Green

1 comment:

  1. Lili's clutchiness and Bird's shot blocking were invaluable strengths in the last 10 seconds of the Round 2 NCAA game at Maples!