November 19, 2013

A typical travel day

Today I shall be writing about travel. Or to be more specific, what a typical travel day looks like for us.

We usually depart on a Thursday when we have a Saturday game. Typically there will be a practice before we leave for the airport, and the practice will end about an hour (sometimes less) before we have to leave the gym and go to the airport.

After practice there is a flurry of activity. Everybody needs to shower, finish packing, get something to eat from Jimmy’s, run back to their rooms if they forgot something, it’s a nightmare.

Anyway, we all have to wear the same outfit while we are traveling, the travel sweats, Stanford issued work-out shoes, and skins. Skins are a really tight pair of leggings that are made out of some sort of special fabric, their basic function is to keep our legs from being affected by jet lag, but man are they annoying to put on.

So we finish packing, grab a sandwich and a smoothie to go from Jimmy’s and we load all of our stuff into the bus. Each person generally takes a suitcase, a duffel bag (we have to take all of our game stuff carry on just in case we get separated from our luggage), and a backpack filled with homework.

The Freshman get to help carry all the managerial equipment; like the video screen and projector, and any equipment that we will need for shootarounds and the like.

So we get all of our stuff onto the bus, triple check that we have everything and we are ready to go. Eileen goes through the bus, and we show her our ID’s before she gives us our meal money.

I won’t say who, but I heard that one time an unspecified member of the coaching staff (Tara) forgot her ID when the team was taking a trip and almost missed the flight. This is strictly rumor, of course.

The players and coaches all have what they need, we check everything for a fifth and sixth time, and are off to the airport.


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