February 5, 2013

Cardinal Pillow Pets

Hey Cardinal Fans!!!

We’re really getting to the meat of season! All the games and the travelling for conference games is great! The team meals, the bus rides, the flights… it’s sooo much fun! But every now and then, let’s admit it, we all need that special someone, or something, to give us comfort. And let me tell you, for your Lady Cards, pillow pets definitely seem to be the trend!

What could be more heartwarming and comforting then a pillow pet? Whether you’re in the plane and want to rest your head on a nice soft, plush pillow or in bed and want to snuggle with your favorite stuffed animal, pillow pets are def where it’s at!

Maybe you’d like to meet some of our special friends!

Toni’s little buddy is a tiger named Ralphie!

Bon has a monkey named Mikey!
How lovable!

Erica’s special friend is the Maurice the Moose!
Isn’t he adorable!

Taylor has a red panda named Calloway Stark… based on her obsession with Iron Man.
Another cutie!

Sara’s special buddy is Jeffrey the giraffe!
He’s a keeper!

Jazz’s pillow pet is Francisco the Frog!
Very handsome!

Denia keeps Elliot the Elephant by her side!

And best for last is Buster the Bunny! Buster has always been there for me and he’s such a great friend! I can’t imagine a single road trip without him!

I guess Jos and Mikaela, being the elders of the team, are too “mature” for pillow pets! And Alex, Aly, Amber, Tess, and Chiney just don’t know what they’re missing out on!

Well anyway, I gotta go take care of Buster! Over and out from the Farm!


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