February 20, 2013

Aly sees opportunity in difficulty

Hey Stanford Fans! My name is Aly Beebe, and I am very proud to say that I am on the Stanford Women’s basketball team. I am a redshirt freshman from Santa Maria, California. Most do not know, but Santa Maria is about an hour north of Santa Barbara. We like to call it the Central Coast.

I am redshirting my freshman year due to my second ACL tear. My first followed my junior season in high school. By the time I am eligible to play in a college basketball game, it will have been two and a half years since my last appearance.

 I have been hard at work! Most of my days at Stanford include class, physical therapy, practice, and studying. With such frustrating circumstances considering my knee, I am mastering the art of patience! 

One thing to know about me is that I love quotations. One of the posters on my dorm room wall reminds me that “the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”. I believe my opportunities are found in the day-to-day strive for perfection and competition during my workouts. It is not easy! 

However, I have been given a precious opportunity! I am highly motivated to get stronger, faster, more skilled, and to build better endurance for next season. I cannot wait to finally play with my awesome teammates and I cannot wait to play in Maples!

I would not be making such great progress without great support. My teammate, Alex Green, understands my situation as an injured player. She is encouraging, positive, and hardworking. 

I have to brag about our mini-victory parties. While we were injured at the same time, we would hold “mini-victory parties” every time either one of us made an accomplishment. Mini-victory parties include a trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes or Chipotle, our favorite. When Alex ran for the first time, we held a mini-victory party. When I could completely bend and straighten my knee, we held another mini-victory party. 

Now that Alex is playing again, I have been telling her about our upcoming Victory party. It must top all others! It is completely necessary. 

Kurtis and Rachel are our strength and conditioning coaches. We do tons of bike workouts and squat holds. They are always super encouraging and keep me motivated on the sidelines. I am always busy with ab circuits, arm circuits, lifts, basketball drills, and the like. 

Marcella, our athletic trainer, has been helping me since day one. She makes sure I am moving along as Dr. Safran advises. My coaches always check in to make sure they can help in any way. They are as excited as I am every time I am released to do new activities such as shooting free- throws or participating in warm ups in practice with the team.

 Finally, but definitely not least, the entire team has been supportive and upbeat. The locker room is always filled with excitement. Everyone has a unique sense of humor, and I love that! Chiney, Jos, and Mic are all great leaders. Tess, Kiran, and Denia are my fellow freshman. We bond outside of basketball through meals and movie nights. It’s great. Every girl on this team is not only a stellar athlete, but also a stellar person.

I cannot wait to cheer my teammates on through both the Pac 12 and NCAA tournaments. I have no doubts they will succeed! If you saw the work that they put in every day on and off the court and before and after hours, you would be so proud of them. I know I am! 


  1. Thanks, Aly. You can be assured that Stanford fans are looking forward with great anticipation to you becoming a full-fledged player. It's good to get your progress report as you work toward that day.

    Your patience and hard work are admired and appreciated.

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