March 14, 2012


Each year I enjoy and look forward to writing my blog and thinking of something new and interesting that no one has talked about yet. So as I sit here trying to think of something awesome to share with you, I keep coming up with the same thing…MARCH MADNESS!

The month has begun and the craziness is soon to creep up on us, which is even more of a reason to gear up and talk about why people love the madness of March. March is a month of memories, memories that create stories that last a lifetime. Although March seems to make very memorable moments for teams, fans and families, those moments are not always the most pleasant. What makes March so crazy is that there are make or break moments for everyone, but unfortunately all but one team walks away completely satisfied. I would say that I know a lot about these mixed feelings, after having gone through 2 basketball years of March.

Yes, March is insane, hectic, and exhausting, but it’s worth it! March is the month where teams either make or break their season; it is a testament to who has worked the hardest and wants it the most. I have been lucky enough to be part of 2 Final Four teams and had the chance to play for a National Title. Playing in the NCAA tournament in March is what every team wants, and actually playing for a National Championship is what teams only dream of doing.

Our team has had some of our greatest basketball memories during March that will forever be cherished. We have had our fair share of ups and downs, last second shots, and complete blowouts, but no matter win or lose; we enjoy every second of it. Quite frankly, I don’t know of any other team out there that works as hard as we do or has as much fun winning as much as we do.

Which is why I am here to say that WE ARE READY FOR MARCH MADNESS 2012! We have upper classmen who know what it will take to get it all done this year. We have the injured folk who want this just as bad and will cheer their hearts out if that’s what it takes for us to win. Last but not least, we have six freshmen that have never experienced such a thrilling time in their basketball career, and will be excited to have the chance to prove to the country why Stanford is here to stay.

I am beyond excited for this month and only look forward to all that comes our way. I know it will not be easy, in fact it will be extremely difficult, but I am 100% confident that we will be ready for the challenge and will be willing to give it our ALL, because in the end the only team that matters is the team that leaves Denver trophy in hand.

I know what the heartache feels like after coming up short and being reminded of all the hard work you put into that year and it not being enough. It isn’t fun, which is why I know and believe that we are ready to bring it and do everything in our power to not let anyone take what it is we want. GO STANFORD!!!!!!



  1. Thanks Jos! Good luck to you and the Nerd city kids! All the way to Denver baby! And all the way to New Orleans for your dad too!!

    Go Card

  2. Great stuff Jos! I assume Hampton is all about frenzied pressing. Sure would be great to see your team totally handle it and attack their pressure. Seems like all the side to side stuff plays into the hands of the defense. It's been wonderful to watch you guys come together and you've been a key part of the power. Good luck on Saturday!