March 6, 2012


As a part of the legacy of Stanford Basketball, we have always counted our blessings. Whether it’s winning the Pac-12, ending the famous UConn winning streak, or competing in Final Four after Final Four, we have always understood that we live our basketball lives with NO guarantees.

Everything is learned and everything is earned; and as we continue to broaden our experiences, changes are constant. Instead of a player defense we might surprise our opponent with a zone; rather than practicing in morning we might practice in the afternoon to accommodate for classes; or instead of simply running out onto to court before our game we might entertain ourselves with a little Soul Train action in the tunnel.

Yes indeed, if you haven’t already witnessed our new pre-game ritual I’d be more than happy to enlighten you all with a brief overview of these pre-game festivities. With a variety of dance moves from each person, our “Go Stanford” mini dance party really gets things bumpin’ before we dominate on the court.

Me (Nneka) – Known as the Smooth Operator, I always keep it real with the modern “dougie”, a dance move some of you may not be familiar with but is a currently a pop-culture hit and, quite frankly, our team’s dance move, in any case of an emergency, and mantra, hence the title of my blog.

Sarah Boothe – Representing dance moves of technicality and precision, Boothie always welcomes us with the traditional sprinkler or an occasional running man.

Supporting Staff – Though our circle takes place in the privacy of the tunnel, it is most definitely not exclusive to players. Natasha, our wonderful manager, has been known to bust a move or two, I’ve definitely spotted Kate peeping around the corner and contributing some rhythmic head nods, Amy and Trina have proven that their “hips-don’t-lie”, and Tara might have surprised us once by, as best said by the King of Pop, “shaking her body down to the ground”.

Sara James (Sej) – One to surprise many with her surplus of dance moves, Sej is well-known for either interpreting her inner-Carlton and representing #NerdNation or “Worming” it across the floor with her collaborative counterpart, Toni.

Toni-Bologna – As I mentioned in Sej’s dance bio, Toni often performs a mean “Worm” in our circle’s center, or represents the band with a few erratic leg kicks and finger pointing.

Jasmine (Jazzy) – As we all know, Jazzy suffered a foot injury in the beginning of the season that limited her physical contributions on the court. HOWEVER, her dance moves scream “Please Don’t Stop the Music!” seeing that she utilized both her crutches and walking boot to SAFELY improve her grooooove.

Lindy (LuLu) – Lu has customized dances moves. Whether it’s a spin off of the Cabbage Patch or a variation of the 1,2 Step, Lu has shown that the beat is in her heart.

Amber (BamBam) – Rarely are we ever honored with Bam’s contributions to dance circle, but when she DOES decide to Harlem Shake it, we know that things JUST GOT REAL.

Chiney (C) – Like I, my sister is rhythmically gifted. Although often times she chooses to show off her versatility and express herself with some impressive Robot or Snake movements.

Taylor (Tay) – As a more timid member of our circle, Tay keeps it simple in the dance circle with the customary Raise the Roof gestures.

Mikaela (Mik) – Mik’s finger wiggles always make us giggle. Despite the difficulty we go through to squeeze a move out of her, we know that Mik loves dancing in the moonlight.

Grace (Gracie) –As the diva of our dance circle, Grace’s “Toxic” moves reflect the likes of many pop stars seeing that she can’t ever help but to Whip Her Hair.

Alex (Lex) – As our Problem Child in the circle, Lex’s refusal is unyieldingly interpreted by the team as a cathartic need to express herself and let loose. With this, we often erupt with excitement when she decides to Move It Like Berne.

Bonnie (Bonnicle) – Whether it’s making a fool of herself or making a fool of herself, there is never any shame to BonBon’s game seeing that she is always gleaming with joy and flashing those pearly whites while bustin’ a nerdy move Stanford Cardinal style.

Erica (EPayne) – For a few weeks now I’ve been attempting to piece together the intricate moves of our most loquacious freshmen. I’ve concluded that EPayne’s dance moves are representative an era where the Electric and ChaCha Slides were much appreciated.

Josyln (TinkTink) – Tink is our secret weapon of mass destruction. Tink is by far THE BEST dancer on the team. She can Pop, Lock, and Drop It, Wobble, or MoonWalk for all we know. But, come game time, her Krumping style is always a crowd favorite.

As you may feel, our new pre-game ritual wonderfully represents our team: We are crazy and have fun, but also take care of business for 40 minutes. But, when you hear “Go, go , go, go, go Stanford!” know that


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  1. Awesome stuff! Thanks Hecka Necka!! It's evident by your and your teammates blogs how much fun you have, and how much you love and respect each other. Simply a true sense of team. Best wishes for continuing your journey and hope you dance all the way Denver to cut down the nets! You deserve it!