December 2, 2011


Hello friends!

I am so excited to write my second blog ever for the lovely fans of SWB! It feels great to be a sophomore! No more freshman bloopers. No more getting lost and calling Nneka. No more pesky pranks pulled by the upperclassmen. Life is good!

This is a really special year! Each day is a challenge and opportunity to become better, on and off the court. Our team is young, passionate, and energetic. One of the beautiful things about this year's squad is that everyday we learn a lot about ourselves. I am so proud of our six freshman! They have undergone one of the most "memorable" summers and have stepped up in all our games this year. Here is my personal take on each of my little sisters... Amber is a very quiet person but don't be confused, she can hit a mean dougie (dance)! Bonnie, also known as Bonaldine, can only be described in one word: quirky. Erica and Nneka share the exact same personality. Jasmine may be small but she carries some big bags diva-liciously. Taylor speaks only one language: sarcasm. And it is impossible to be mad at Alex, no matter how hard you try.

With so many freshmen, our team atmosphere is light and fun. We have let loose (as you can tell through our web series "The Real Ladies of Maples.") We are full of emotions. And we stamp every moment. So to keep you in the loop, I will fill you in on some of our hot catch phrases for the year:

#AYE - This is said anytime our team gets hyped. Anything from an and-one to a good grade on a test.
#Nerds - Said when we want to remind people that we are also STUDENT-athletes with a high dosage of swagger.
#Swag - The latest version of the word cool. (Usually accompanied with the cooking dance, which actually mimics cooking.)
#WeDoIt - We may or may not know what we are going to do, but as a team it will get done!
#Sisterhood - The best thing we have being a part of Stanford basketball.

We are pumped for another great year of Cardinal basketball! Glad you are joining us on the ride!

Until we meet again,
Chiney #13

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