February 24, 2009

Kayla's life as a tweener

On the Stanford team, we have what are known as Littles and Bigs. In position work during practice, the Littles go to one end and work on guard skills and the Bigs/posts stay on the other end.

Everyday at this point in practice, I find myself asking the same question, “Tara, where do you want me?” I’m not technically a guard and I’m not technically a post, despite my height. This is what makes me a tweener.

A tweener is a player that can play basically any position on the floor. They shoot the three, hit the pull-up, post-up, rebound, bring the ball up the floor, run the floor... you get the point. We have three tweeners on our team: Jill, Michelle, and me. Jill plays the 1-4, Michelle plays 2-4 but mainly 3 now, and I play 2-5 (2/3 are basically interchangeable).

I love being a tweener. Tweeners can play anywhere on the floor which makes it a lot of fun because this versatility and flexibility allows us to experience every aspect of basketball. In practice, I normally switch between the 3 and 4 in position work. So as the posts practice lay-ups, I get to shoot with the guards. As the guards are working on zone defense, I get to work on my high post skills. It’s a win-win situation.

The only downfall is not knowing what position I play. Most players get security in knowing their role at all times, but I like to embrace this mental challenge. So, wherever Tara puts me is fine; I just want to play. And if you are wondering what position I will play on any given night, keep in mind that even I don’t know



  1. Kayla - great attitude. Keep up the wonderful work and enjoy your time in school.

  2. kayla pedersen is attractive !