March 1, 2017

To #24

This number represents pride, emotion, and passion.

When you first put on that jersey remember what’s on the front: “Stanford.” Take pride in the fact that you attend the best college in the world. A college that not only has the best academics and athletics but also one that has a student culture that can’t be matched. Stanford represents excellence on and off the court. Every time I got caught up in my own personal struggles I remembered how blessed I was to attend such a great university with even greater people. With this being said you can’t forget the past. Always remember the legacy that came before you. Stanford women’s basketball is built off of the history of greats that paved the way for your future. Players like Jennifer Azzi, Chiney and Nneka Ogwumike, Jeanette Pohlen, and Jane Appel were all a part of this amazing, successful Stanford program and you will be a part of as well. Take pride in that.

When I was a junior I began to realize that I was never going to be Stanford’s top scorer or rebounder, however there was something that I knew I could be the best at and that was being the most emotional and hyped player Stanford has ever had. Every time I got an And1 or blocked a shot fans knew they were going to get a special treat. Whether it was me yelling at the top of my lungs “And1!” or just jumping up and down in pure excitement from a blocked shot people were going to see a lot of emotion. When you play know that #24 represents heart. I hope you knowing this gives you some type of spark when you play so that everyone can see again that #24 is full of energy and emotion.

Lastly, when you wear #24 always remember your love for the game. Not every practice or game will be the best and there will be days when basketball just seems tough but if you remember your love for the game, you will get through it. Allow this passion for the game to give you motivation to work hard every day. When you love the game, you want to do everything you can do to play at your best. So let that love drive you to always strive for the best whether it’s in the games or practice. When people see you wear that jersey, they should see your love for the game when you play. Don’t let anyone take that love away from you, because it will lead you to so many great things. When you wake up each day never forget you have the opportunity to play the game that you love, because one day you won’t. Basketball isn’t forever so when you get the chance to play it, play it with passion.

I look forward to seeing the great things you will do. I know you will do our number justice. Good luck and always have fun!

‐ Erica McCall

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