January 2, 2017

Sorry, I’m from Canada, eh?

My name is Mikaela Brewer, and I’m a freshman on the Stanford Women’s basketball team! I’m from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, which is a small town just north of Toronto.

You can probably imagine my excitement in coming to Stanford, where it is relatively warm all year round and there is no SNOW! During this winter, my hometown was pounded with cold, snow, ice and your typical Canadian winter, yet, we do not have snow all year round despite what you may think! In my hometown, we actually have extremely hot and humid summers, and regular seasons! Sadly, no, I also do not live in an igloo, or ride a dog sled to school.

Unfortunately, my diet consists of more than bacon and maple syrup, and a ‘loonie’ is a dollar, not a crazy Canadian, although we do have plenty of those! A ‘toque’ is also a type of hat, and the ‘Canadian tuxedo’ is when someone wears jean on jean. Finally, although I do watch hockey, and it is very popular in Canada, it is not the only sport we play!

Some Canadian characteristics are however completely true, and I exhibit them (according to my teammates) extremely often, and believe me, they do not hesitate to point it out!

I do say ‘sorry’ a lot, and with a very Canadian accent, and am also overly polite to a fault, except on the court that is! I also, as you may have guessed first, say ‘eh’ A LOT, and my teammates catch it almost every time!

I do spell many words like favourite and honour with a ‘u’ and although I speak fluent French, not all Canadians do, in fact, most don’t!

Canada is not as different from its southern counterpart as many would think, although one thing is for sure: it is very very very cold there right now, and although I miss my family, I do not miss the -40 degree winter weather!

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