January 9, 2014

The Cardinal's awesome Christmas presents


First and foremost, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break! Our team absolutely loves the holidays because it means we get to take a break from school and focus on basketball. It is also a special time for us because we get to go home for a few days and spend time with our families. However, with Christmas comes presents for the Stanford Cardinal; therefore, I have decided to dedicate my blog to telling you about some of the awesome presents we received this year!

I’ll begin with Jas. Jas had the toughest route home this year to Georgia, but she safely made it there to spend Christmas with her family. Her favorite gift she received is a sleek pair of black boots from her brother. Jas now has about 20 pairs of boots.

Next is Alex. Alex had a great time at home in Texas with her family, and she was really excited to see her sister again. Lex said her favorite gift this year was a white sweater from her mom, and she has already worn it a few times so it’s obvious she loves it!

Sara “Sej” James comes from Sacramento, so she was able to avoid any airports for her holiday travel… I am extremely jealous. If you didn’t know already, Sej is a pretty crafty person. She takes most of our photos when we travel to awesome places, and she bought a GoPro before we went to Italy so she could take awesome pictures. For Christmas she got a Helicopter that flies the GoPro so she can take aerial-view pictures, which is insanely cool! It’s almost like a team present.

Next is one of the freshmen, Kailee Johnson. Kailee comes from Oregon, so she had a nice and short trip home with her family. It is probably hard to notice from the crowd, but she always has her nails painted, so it makes sense that her favorite gift from this year is an at-home Shellac manicure set from her grandma. Kailee gave me a manicure the other day, and this thing is the real deal.

Erica McCall is another one of our freshmen. It is weird for me to even type out her name because we all call her “Bird”, and she has fully welcomed this nickname. Bird didn’t really have to travel much because she comes from Bakersfield, California, so she really got to maximize her time at home. Bird says her favorite gift is her new Nikes and Vans!

Chiney had a really special Christmas this year because she got to see her entire family together, which is pretty difficult considering Nneka is playing basketball in a different country. Chiney’s favorite Christmas gift was Beyoncé’s new album. It’s been on repeat in the locker room.

Next is Amber. Amber is one of the Texans, so she had to face the airports as well. Bam was pumped to get home for the holidays so she could spend some quality time with her family. She says her favorite gift she received this year was a new MacBook!

Erica Payne, much better known as “E”, has the shortest trip home. She comes from Danville, California, so she is able to hop in the car and drive about 45 minutes to get home. I think she was more excited to see her dogs than anything else. She can’t pick one favorite, but she got a lot of new clothes that she is really excited about. I definitely agree with her on this one...you can never have too many clothes.

Next is our girl Tess. Tess is another Oregon gal, and she was actually able to travel home with her parents because they came to our Tennessee game (which was a great game!!!). Tess says her favorite gift from this year’s Christmas is the soundtrack to Desolation of Smaug and seeing The Hobbit!

Next is another freshman, Briana Roberson. Bri is a Californian as well, and she was stoked for the short trip home. Bri is always listening to music, introducing new songs to our team, and playing her iPod in the locker room. This year for Christmas, she got a new pair of Beats headphones (probably because she wore out her old ones), and she wears them all day long!

Mikaela Ruef, our fifth-year Senior from Ohio, switched up her plans and actually stayed in California this year for Christmas because her family came to visit her, which was pretty cool. Her favorite gift she received is definitely the sushi kit from her mom. Our team, for the most part, loves sushi! Ruef has had us over a few times during the break to make (more so eat) sushi, and she is quite the chef.

Next is Bonnie. Bonnie was so excited to go home because she loves and misses SoCal. She had a pretty easy flight home as well, and she was fortunate to have a companion during travel since her sister is on the team now, too. Bon says her favorite gift this year is …

Karlie Samuelson is a California freshman. She said she had an awesome Christmas this year with her family, and she was so happy to get to see her puppy again. Karl’s favorite gift from this year is a new iPhone because she seemed to have a minor incident with her last one.

I’ll wrap it up with our last freshman, Lili Thompson. Lili actually had shorter travel than “E” because her family moved out to California when Lili came to Stanford. It is so awesome that they were able to do this, and I know Lili really appreciates it. Lili says the best gift she received this year is a new pair of headphones, and she has been listening to the Beyoncé album on repeat as well.

I almost forgot to share my favorite Christmas gift this year! I was lucky enough to make it home without any travel issues this year, which was awesome. Along with E, I received some new clothes for Christmas that I am stoked about, and I also got a new MacBook Air, which I am obsessed with! It was a special Christmas this year. Our team is extremely blessed and grateful.

We are really thankful for the amazing holiday break we had. We know it is not about the gifts or anything, and we could not do what we do without the support of our families. Stanford is a special place filled with great people and amazing support from people like you! Thank you for all you do and keep it up because it is going to be a memorable year.

Thanks for reading!
Taylor Greenfield


  1. Nice job Tay :)

  2. Nice, Taylor. Thanks! Great job this year on the court. Keep shooting those 3's! Bomb Squad rules!