February 10, 2010

What does it mean to put on the Stanford uniform?

The answer to this question rang loud and clear this past weekend as the Stanford women’s basketball program celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the 1990 National Championship team; the program’s first in Stanford’s history.

Of course all of us current players have given thought to this question, understanding that high expectations are the norm when it comes to being a member of this team. But sometimes it seems we become complacent to the persona that is exemplified when we wear this particular jersey. It goes beyond the name, the records, and the trophies--it embodies a dream, and we were fortunate enough to share that with the players and staff that turned that dream into a reality.

This past Saturday evening, a special banquet was organized to commemorate the players and staff of the 1990 championship team and the success they achieved. It was a joy to listen to the memories these players had shared together such as running the infamous 2 mile test, crashing their bikes while riding around campus, and uttering a few laughs over the “in” hairstyles of the time. It was a humbling experience to more fully realize that these players, who many of us have idolized while growing up, were just like us.

However, during that time, the name on the jersey wasn’t quite the bulls-eye that it is for us today; but it didn’t take long for that to change. “I want you to see my vision…..we will have sell out crowds in Maples, and win the National Championship by your senior year.” These were the words coach Tara expressed to then freshman guard Jennifer Azzi, and just like that, the dream was born.

Taking hard work, sportsmanship, and excellence to a whole new level, this group of young women brought to life the dream of becoming a champion, and set the standard for what it meant to “put on” the Stanford uniform. It started as a dream, and as the success accumulated, it grew into an expectation—one that has produced not only championship players, but championship people.

We now wear the Stanford uniform with pride and dignity as we strive to follow those who set the tone before us. Getting to wear the Stanford name on my jersey day in, and day out, has been a tremendous blessing. But even more than that, it has been a dream come true.



  1. well said, good luck for the rest of the season!

  2. Great blog! Go Card!

  3. How well Michelle expresses herself. She and her 14 teammates do great honor to the Stanford uniform and tradition. I wish them well in whatever they do.

  4. We fans are blessed too Michelle. Thanks for eloquently putting into words what it means to wear the Stanford jersey. We hope all your dreams continue to come true.

  5. It is so great that the current players appreciate all that has gone into the development of the program. Another reason why I LOVE to support this team!

  6. Please tell us you will be proudly wearing your uniform next year as well...

  7. Love your senior night speech - I was doing well . . .until then. Will miss you and your Class 2010 teammates that sacrificed for the program.