January 4, 2010

All about the (406)

Howdy y'all! I'm here to tell you all about the (406) and what goes on over there on my home front. I hope you will become a little more familiar with the Treasure State and show you all what it is that I find so special and unique about my state.

My daily routine in my homeland is quite different than the Cali routine I'm currently adjusting to. In Montana, I wake up every morning at 5:15 a.m., slip on my boots and go milk my cow, Agnes; she's a stubborn heifer. After I've provided milk for my family I go to feed the chickens and hens before I head to the barn. Next, I go to the barn and brush my beautiful thoroughbred horse (her name is Ruby). She loves the long rides to school with my sister and her horse, Mr. Ed. The two horses dread being left out in the cold all day waiting anxiously for our return, after a laborious day of school and basketball practice. As we gallop through the forest on the way home, my sister and I stop to gather firewood, that is used for cooking, heating, and good ol' family fun in the Tinkle tepee! and NO, we don't have electricity.

Okay I apologize, who am I kidding? Contrary to popular belief, not all Montanans live on farms in the middle of nowhere, nor does ANYONE ride a horse to school. I'm here to debunk the many myths associate with Montana!

Nicknamed the "406", the state has endless blue skies which I often admire late at night during trampoline sleepovers. Below the wide-open skies stand the beautiful snow tipped mountains that fill the chilled lakes, creating a visual oasis. Montana is popular for its recreational amenities that people nation wide come to take full advantage of. From the mid-afternoon river floating trips to the extreme snow sledding races, there is never a dull moment in the "Zoo".

We may only have one area code, have line dancing as a requirement for passing high school P.E., and often get the snarky reply, "Montana?" when asked where we're from. But if you ask any resident or visitor to this great state, everyone will agree Montana is a beautiful place, full of awesome people who YES, have running water.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE California and Stanford, but home sweet home does and always will hold a special place in my heart.

Love Always,


  1. Have three generations in the ground at Conrad Cemetery in Kalispell. I'm sure they have forgiven me for becoming a Californian!
    Mary Mettler

  2. Nicole Huber1/15/2010 1:05 PM

    Loved the blog Jos! I am your new biggest fan from Bozeman. I too love the Big Sky country. I feel like a Hick here sometimes and when I go home to Bozeman to visit family, I am a snob since I live in Sunny California. I enjoyed meeting your Dad and BFF from High School at last nights game. We are proud to have you represent Good Ol Montana!

  3. As a fellow Missoula native and a proud Stanford alum, I can relate to everything you've said! No mattter where you go or what you do in life, those will be the two places that you will always long for.

    I hope that you enjoy every minute of your Stanford life and I will be one of a small (but vocal) group of Montana Stanfordians cheering you guys on at the NCAAs this year! Congrats and best wishes for an incredible season.

    Julie Madsen

  4. Joslyn, I have been following your career and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished.

    Good luck with the remainder of your season. I'll be cheering for Standford to take it all!

    Take care.
    From your 4th grade teacher...

  5. Joslyn, you are such a great ambassador for the Big Sky country of Montana. We have always enjoyed your career and pray that it will continue there at Stanford. You may be a Cardinal now but you will always be an honorary Griz!!! We are so proud of you.......you go girl!!

    Warren & Carolyn Osik
    Super Griz fans!!!!!

  6. Joslyn - I'm sure you read the Missoulian article in yesterday's paper (03/07/10). Just know that Missoula's eyes are on you!

    It's great to follow your career. You continue to make Missoulians proud. We were sorry to see you move out of the 'hood, but I'm sure you'll maintain your Prospect ties.

    My in-laws live in Stanford (on campus, former professors) so we get over that way regularly. Hopefully, we can catch a game some time while you're attending. We'll say "hi". Keep up the great work!

    - Bill Silverman (Malia's dad - you know Malia, Elizabeth's BFF)

  7. Thank you to you all who are following team Cardinal! I am so blessed to have grown up in such an amazing place with so many amazing people! You guys make home so special! I appreciate all the support!! GO CARD!!

  8. Jos-you make all Montanans proud!! Keep up the great work.

  9. I have no idea if you're going to see this, but I just passed through Missoula yesterday and am presently camped at a campground near St. Regis with my pickup camper.

    Girl you live in one beautiful state and the NW Montana area is awesome!

    Hope the summer is going well for you!