December 3, 2007

How time flies!

Hey everyone!

Let me start off by being cliche and saying that I can't believe that I'm a senior! But I don't mean that from a "how time flies" perspective alone (because the time has gone pretty fast). I really mean it when I think that only 3 years ago I was a freshman and a teenager, and now, in that short span of time, I am suddenly the oldest player on our team and one of the most experienced. The level of change and maturity in a short amount of time is unbelievable. And what really gets me is that this is my last year of playing organized, amateur basketball - after this, it's either play for money or play for fun (or have fun while you're playing for money).

I want to play professionally for a few years (overseas would be awesome!!!) and eventually go to veterinary school. Vet school is hard to get into, possibly harder than med school because there are so few vet schools nationally, but hopefully this Stanford diploma I'm about to receive will help me out a little. :)

We're into December now, which means finals for classes, the last of our preseason schedule, and then Christmas! So wish our team luck this year as we make another try at the Final Four and a National Championship. Especially come root for us against Baylor and Tennessee! We've never had such a competitive schedule before and we want our fans cheering us on through the whole thing!

Well I've got to go write some papers. Thanks for all the support and GO CARD!



  1. Hi!I have been watching Cissy & Candice only sience last year.They have always been my favorite players(and Brook Smith) and this blog was really toching.Im sure Cissy will get into any and every school she applys for!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway,she has improved a lot over the years and im sad to see her go.

    _#1 Traveling fan

  2. You have an awesome team. You and Candice continue to be the great senior leaders that you have been. I wish you luck in your venture for a National Championship this year!! Good Luck!! I have really enjoyed watching you improve and I agree with the previous comment, you will get into any and every school you apply. If you decide to play overseas, good luck as well!!! Go Stanford!!