November 13, 2007

What a welcome to the college game

Hey all!

The team just got back from the Yale/Rutgers east coast trip and it was amazing! We ended up going 2-0 by beating Yale last Friday and Rutgers yesterday. The Rutgers game was an incredible experience. I felt very confident going into the game especially after seeing everyone in our new stylish black jerseys (I absolutely love them by the way!)

From the tip-off we played pretty much head to head with Rutgers with neither team creating a huge lead. Then it was crunch time. It was 58-58 and Rutgers was going for the last shot. With 7 seconds left on the clock, they missed a three pointer. I grabbed the rebound and passed it to Candice who was fouled with 0.1 seconds left. We were in the bonus so Jayne, Candice, and I lined up at the free throw line. I had all of the confidence in the world that Candice was going to hit both free throws. She did and we won 60-58. We had upset the #3 team in the country!

It wasn’t until I got back to the hotel in which I put into perspective what had happened: In my second collegiate game, we had beaten Rutgers at the RAC on ESPN. Wow! Talk about a welcoming into the college game. But that was yesterday. It was only our second game and we have an entire season ahead of us. Therefore, we are going to learn from our mistakes and grow as a team so that we win the big games that really matter in the end. But overall, it was a great trip and I had a lot of fun bonding with my teammates!! Next we take on USA!


Kayla Pedersen

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